Legend of Grimrock II - Dungeon Crawling excellence gets a Mac OS X release and a new patch!

If you are a fan of grid based first person dungeon crawler games such as the classic Eye of the Beholder or the brilliant Dungeon Master, and happen to own a Mac (which is usually a bad combination), you'll be ecstatic to know that Legend of Grimrock 2 is finally available for Mac OS X!

Legend of Grimrock 2 for Mac OS X ships with the latest version of the game (2.2.4) including the new and improved modding capabilities. But for those with a PC, like myself, the developers have also released an updated Windows patch 2.2.4

To celebrate the release of the Mac OS X version the game is on sale with 40% off until the end of this week, so scurry over and snag a copy off the official webpage or through GOG.

If you by a small chance never heard about Legend of Grimrock 2 then be sure to check out our indepth review.

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