Let's Go! - Platform runner for the Amstrad CPC is now available

We've just been given the heads up from one of our readers of the recent release of Let's Go! Which is now available for the Amstrad CPC or via the emulator JavaCPC. Developed by A Bearded Dragonz Production (Morri) using AGAS and ESD; Let's Go! is a platformer with a difference! A Run and Stop platformer to reach the end flag, that forces to the player to hit the space bar to stop him from running into obstacles, which is then limited by time. The longer you hold, the less time you have to complete a level.

Available as the first major release after a number of testing versions, this final version features all the gameplay elements as well as 12 levels added with a ranking system! A very enjoyable game indeed that is easy to play but a challenge to beat, is ready for your download at the CPCWiki forums!

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