Zerosphere - Possibly the strangest Amiga game all year gets a full release!

We are still not far off 2016 but boy do we have an Amiga treat for you! A platform game with a twist and winner of the Interactive Competition at Evok 2015, comes a game on the Amiga unlike anything you have played before. Developed by code red feat. eha and released at the Under Construction 2015 show, is now available as a fully playable version! 'Zerosphere' is all about a little orange character called Squinty who's just had his universe transformed by the evil Odak

A transformation that when activated causes Squinty's world to look like a really bad reflection and a screwed up screen, the only way he can see clearly is by well, squinting! That's right, this game turns the gaming idea on it's head and puts forth an experience unlike anything you've played before, which makes it all the more difficult when those gems need to be collected.

Thankfully you too can play this arcade platform version and it only needs an Amiga 500, with 1MB Ram! So grab the download link below, have fun and then chill out to the lovely in game soundtrack!

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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