Golden Tail - A new Amstrad CPC game gets a teaser and released!

I never thought I'd be mentioning the release of this game so soon, but we've just learnt from the cpcwiki forums that ' Golden Tail ' for the Amstrad CPC, which was only recently announced as in development, is due to come out today! Developed by Reidrac, Golden Tail is a platformer inspired by Japanese Folklore that has all the platforming you could ever want in a homebrew 8bit game. As we mentioned before, the game has jumping, collection and avoiding mechanics with your character ' Kitsune ' that can use Ninja Magic for even more special abilities!

From what we can tell from the trailer above, Golden Tail could well have the hallmarks of a fantastic game, one i'd gladly see as a commercial release. It has moving platforms, lots of enemies, character abilities, and deadly traps all mashed up in an Amstrad title with lovely 8bit detail. Currently we don't have a specific time for the game release, but it is due this evening!

So keep watching this space and if we are not back in time to put a link up, make sure to visit the cpcwiki forums as well.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download ( Now released! )

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