Whales Voyage 2 - The sequel to a great Amiga game gets an English translation [UPDATE]

And here we go again with yet more Amiga news, especially if you like a mix of adventuring, crawling and space travel all blended up into a lovely sci-fi mix. As thanks to the original translators and of course DamienD we now have a fully translated English release of the German game Whale's Voyage 2 available for download as an updated HDF file for Amiga users! This is the sequel to the fantastic game Whale's Voyage 1 developed by neo Software Productions.

Now some of you may be asking why this is being posted again as we did do a big write up for the game (HERE) including loading instructions. Well sufficed to say that the version we sourced wasn't the best and still suffered from a number of issues which so far haven't surfaced in the HDF file DamienD did for us last night. In other words I've been playing for ages and although I feel Whales Voyage 1 was the better game, is still nice to finally have a working version that is actually in English. As for the loading instructions for this one, you can either use Amiga Forever loading the HDF file, or WinUAE  - "Quickstart A1200 configuration with 2MB Chip & 4MB Fast RAM"

Links : 1) Download (Unpack) 2) Old Article

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