Pentagorat 2016 - An isometric adventure launched for the Commodore VIC-20

We are turning back the clock even further now away from the Amiga and looking towards the Commodore VIC-20 for our gaming fix, as Misfit has made available his homebrew isometric adventure game ' Pentagorat 2016 ' for the VIC-20. Released as a short game with a similar design style to that of Head over Heels. You play as a strange looking black creature who wakes up and can't remember exactly where he is, although all we know is he is a prisoner of the castle of Pentagorat!

Sadly I haven't had the chance to play this game as so far it's only available to buy as a fully featured cassette tape with cover through thefuturewas8bit, although a download link for VICE looks to be available soon. But what I can tell you of importance is that the game does require not just a Commodore VIC-20 but also +32k extra memory

Links : 1) Source 2) Buy Now £5.99

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