OnEscapee AGA - Another World/Flashback style game fully patched for Amiga [UPDATE]

If you've been following our gaming news lately, especially if you have ever owned an Amiga then you would've already come across the fantastic release of the SEGA CD-Amiga conversion of the Another World sequel known as ' Heart Of The Alien Redux Amiga V1.0, and the more recent release 'Another World - Lost Levels'. However there is another game out there that stands out in the Another World/Flashback style of gameplay and that is ' OnEscapee ' AGA by Sadeness Software, which this week been unofficially re-released by DamienD as a complete patched HDF file.

Many of you probably haven't played this game when it was originally released that's because at the time it was only ever released in a CD format for the Amiga and PC. Which made it rather difficult for most of us, as the Amiga 1200 was not fitted with a CD drive and relied upon the user to go out and buy an actual external drive.

Yet for those of you who did get around to playing this interesting game with its 17 language support, flashback gameplay and cool cutscenes, would've remarked that it was an ok game overall but the difficulty was set to an all time high, with frustrating obstacles and puzzles. In other words in no way was it as good as Another World, Flashback, Heart of the Alien or even Heart of Darkness.

But if you haven't played it and want to experience the game at its best, i'd recommend downloading DamienD's more recent bootable HDF file for WinUAE, which is fully patched up, has a faction trainer and an English readme.

UPDATE : DamienD has done a onEscapee.lha file, which can be unpacked to any directory on an Amiga and the game can be launched without any messing about ( Link )/~Uploads/DamienD/LHAs/

Links : 1) Source 2) FTP Server /~Uploads/DamienD/HDFs/ 2) Heart of the Alien Amiga Redux 3) Heart of the Alien CD32 4) Lost Level

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