T-zer0 - Another DamienD Amiga CD to HD conversion and this one is a cool looking shoot em up!

After previously re-releasing The Big Red Adventure, Uropa 2 : The Ulterior Colony, Genetic Species and many others as fully playable Amiga games without the need for the original Amiga CD. DamienD has now moved on to T-zer0, which is a rather nice looking AGA Shoot em up, released in 1999 and published by PXL Computers for Amiga systems with a CD Rom drive.

Now before you get too excited and think this looks like one of the best Amiga shoot em ups since Project-X. It does have a rather lackluster feedback going for it as some that have already played it have either said it is well-crafted, if quite standard and uninspired traditional shooter, or as one person harshly puts it a polished turd. But then we all have our different viewpoints and I'm sure I can find games that I really don't like that people have raved about...ahem Xenon ;)

For download and install instructions, please visit the discussion links below. FTP files can be located at ~Uploads/DamienD/LHAs or ~Uploads/DamienD/HDFs

Links : 1) Source 2) FTP

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