Night Knight - A new MSX game from Juan J. Martínez is now available!

Another great heads up for our Indie Retro News readers, as we've just been told by Juan J. Martínez that his previously announced MSX game of ' Night Knight ', is now available for all to enjoy as a digital download. This game of which we have featured a number of times before, is a brand new arcade platformer from the same creator who brought you fabulous games such as The Dawn of Kernel, Magica, Golden Tail, Space Pest Control and even Rescuing Orc!

In this fabulous looking game for the MSX, you play as Sir Bernard on his own personal quest to battle a curse throughout the creepy rooms of the enchanted castle Scarkeep. Along the way you will traverse through 80 stages, while avoiding enemies and the race against the clock to find a key to exit through each door and hopefully complete your quest to be free of this awful curse once and for all.

Links :1) Source (Digital Download on Site)

The game is available on cartridge to play on a MSX computer.
Please visit Night Knight at Poly Play online shop for more information.

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