Hyperborea - An upcoming Bullet Hell shooter gets an Amiga update

The Amiga is certainly living the high life at the moment,what with all the homebrew games previously released and ones yet to come. But there's another game that may grace our Commodore screens at some point in the near future, and that's Hyperborea; an upcoming Amiga game from Amiga DreamTeam, that's classed as a bullet hell shooter that requires at least a stock A1200 or above.

According to the team behind Hyperborea as thanks to a heads up from Per Ola. Not only did they say that Hyperborea will be the world's first real Danmaku bullet-hell shoot em up for the Commodore Amiga. But they have also said this is being developed for classic stock Amiga 1200 computers and above, and will be created using pure handcrafted assembler, with the finest of pixel-art, 2 player simulation modes, the highest of bullet counts on such a machine, as well as smooth 50hz scrolling, and tons of arcade shoot em up action.

So watch this space....

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