As an update to all our viewers there has been some more website/blog improvements, one of the updates is the Continue Reading addition. Instead of taking up the entire blog with one article which in turn knocks the other articles off the blog, we can now have far more in one article including more write ups, pictures and videos without hardly affecting the rest. Simply click on the Continue Reading option below a news post to read the rest of what's posted.

Second update is the amount of news articles per page has been increased, before it was limited 7, this is ok for laptops and smaller screens but large monitors view nothing but empty space halfway down the blog. With it increased to 10 I may later increase that again, we can have alot more news articles on the front page.

Third update is this... This website needs your help!, Basically with the increasing viewers there comes a time when this website need more news posters and more reviewers. I want this place to grow and grow, to share with the world the love of not just retro games but indie games as well and of cause remakes. I want to share your work with the rest of the viewers, it doesn't matter if it's a retro game going back to the days of the Amstrad cpc 464 or the latest Indie games, a review is a review. The only thing I don't want is non Indie/Retro games, Battlefield 3 for example no thanks it isn't Indie.

   At first reviews/previews/news articles will be checked by me and then i will publish them this is basically a security aspect and we don't want someone who can't spell or even type for that matter publishing to all of our viewers. However even if i publish them on the website/blog your name will be under that post, it also must fit with the style of the forum same pic size/vid size and font style. If you're no good at reviews we are also looking for news contributors, someone who like myself has a love of Indie/Retro games and can go out there and find the latest news for the site.  If you are interested in either position and wish to show us your work/ability please contact me via the facebook Indie Retro News page, being a blogger/blogspot user would be even better.

Lastly we will be adding Indie Mods and Game Assets developed by other players at some point, mods can be just as amazing as full games. Enjoy  the website, don't forget to join our twitter or facebook page, links are located on the top right hand corner.

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