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This was actually a request by one of our viewers to write up about those that are not just modding the game for new levels using existing textures but sometimes entire Game Assets that have been changed. Legend of Grimrock was one of the best Indie games of 2012 it took me back to the days of Eye of the Beholder, the Dungeon Crawler RPG of my day. 



  In short, Legend of Grimrock has a First Person viewpoint as did EOTB, you start the game by creating a character and then dumped in a Dungeon while moving in a grid based system. The story goes that you are taken by an Airship above Mount Grimrock and in chains your created party is then thrown down a pit sentenced by "the court" for crimes against the King.

 This game had very rave reviews and sold extremely well I was one of those that hit the pre-order button as soon as i heard about it. The developers Almost Human took a huge chance on this as people were so used to the modern RPG and the old skool Dungeon Crawler was only in the back of us Retro Gamers minds, but the chance payed up.  Thanks to them we could relive the grid system of forward,forward,back,left,forward.... The pushing of buttons in walls opening up secret areas, the eeery sounds of creatures walking about in the dungeons, the riddles and quests the list goes on!. It had that in your face feel that you are trapped in the dungeon with no way out, a feeling that is completely different to that of any modern rpg imo. I could go on and on how brilliant this game is but it's about to get even better, MODDERS!.

Thanks to the recently released Dungeon Editor gamers from around the world can create their very own dungeons in the style they want using the Grimrock engine, I'm sure we will have new textures, new levels, new quests, new traps, remakes of old dungeon crawlers, the list is endless. But to end this article i'll be posting the best Game Assets ( creators of new textures, beasts, graphics, tiles ) and the best looking new levels and remakes. There will be an update of these mods/assets as the months go on, ok enough of my yabbering here they are!

 EOB: Waterdeep Sewers is attempt to complete recreation (remake) of first Eye of the Beholder game (1990, Westwood/SSI) as Grimrock Total Connversion mod.
I start with completely new wallset and objects textures (stil in progress) for first 3 sewer levels.  Project should be designed so close to original game as possible, for all EOB lovers, retro-players...

2. Ruins of Argon

This is a 'sneek-peak' of my new dungeon "The Ruins of Argorn".
It's the first level and I published it, because I want some feedback :)
I hope you like it
-several puzzles and secrets
-the beginning of a story
-30-60min of gameplay
-lots of secrets to find
-more coming soon!

3. This Rotten Place

This dungeon contains custom graphics and gameplay... ooo FOG!

4. Community Asset Pack (C.A.P.) [Updated: 13/11/12]

 Alright time to collect together all these wonderful community assets being produced daily.Presenting the idea to the community of the Community Asset Pack henceforth to be referred to as the C.A.P. or whatever.
 5. Neikun's Workshop (WIPs by Neikun) Frequent Updates*

Check out the work from Neikun, he's put a lot of effort into his Game Assets!  Over 200 custom assets in fact.

6. [WIP] Forest Tileset sneak peek

Outside levels for Grimrock?, simply incredible can't wait to see what this guy comes up with

Well for now that's all as it's simply just a taster of what's to come as was said before expect MORE MODS, MORE GAME ASSETS, MORE GAMEPLAY and MORE DUNGEON CRAWLER GOODNESS! :)

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