Eternal Champions - The Thin Strings of Fate (Free Full Game)

As promised I've got a treat for the viewers today and it's not something that's been posted on the site yet, it's a Beat em up!. Eternal Champions - The Thin Strings of Fate was developed using an open source engine called OpenBOR which is basically the open source continuations of Beats of Rage. This excellent game is a throw back to the days of the side scrolling beat em ups from the Mega Drive and arcade machines we used to play and love.

The graphical style really suits the game giving most of us the nostalgic moments of mega drive gaming, the game also comes with a number of different scenes to visit with a set number of gaming modes. In one such mode you're racing a car in a style of Lotus Esprit, however at it's core it's still a beat em up. Be prepared to have more than one guy on the same screen for you to beat to a pulp, you even have to contend with some hard bosses!. As the player you can also unlock and control a number of other characters, though considering how long the game took to create (4years!) only the Shadow Yamoto campaign is available, but don't be too concerned because it's a big game for a beat em up.

This is one sweet looking game from only one guy and for that he has my respect but the game does have it's flaws, such as not being able to go correctly on the platforms. This may be due to an issue with the development of the game or the actual engine OpenBOR itself. Regarding the story I won't give any of it away this time, but as you play short intermissions will help the story along, so you know exactly what's going on.



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