Indie Retro News Blog/Website Update! ( New comment system, Background )

As we have hit over 2200 views, I decided based on a few of our viewer Feedback's that the background needed to change as did a number of other small issues. Although I felt the old background image was in keeping with the system it made it incredibly busy and distracted the eye away from what was most important, the blogs themselves. I've gone for a more minimalistic approach but sticking with the retro theme, good ol' Pacman wakka wakka ;).

However not just that, the comment system has been done away with for an easy to use guest or register system. The previous one was way to chaotic and there is nothing worse when wanting to post a comment only to be told you have to register to this site or that site and it puts people off!. So again done away with, basically all it is now is press comments and type a comment it's that simple!. We would prefer you to register a name at least so we can get to know you personally but you don't have to, guests allowed.

We are still having teething problems here and there as is the case with any new website/blog but our reviews will improve, our site will grow( I hope )but although it's down to me to post the latest news, it's down to you the reader/viewer to keep coming back. Seeing that site hit counter increasing makes it more the worth while to know that the Retro/Nostalgia isn't dead, that people like what we do and you want us to continue.

Of cause we don't just do Retro games, there are only so many memories we can relive!. The site will have new Indie games, it will have the best in Retro and Indie game soundtracks and remixes. There will be mods and demo's and beta's and... the list goes on!

I'd be greatful if you could test the comment system out, tell us what you'd like to see on the site, do you like the Remakes?, what computer systems did you have growing up. Anything that's fitting with the site, no nasty comments or spam please not everyone likes that ;)

Hope everyone had a good weekend
Neil79, the creator of this Website/Blog

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