OpenMW - Morrowind engine replacement : 0.19.0 Released :

I'm sure there are many fans of the epic RPG : Morrowind. I myself played it for hours and hours until someone decided to complete it with a speed run, damn you speedy gamers!. But now we have an engine Replacer which in time will improve the game so much more in many different ways ( as if it needs improving some will say).

Here is a snippet about the Engine Replacer
 OpenMW is a community effort to write a new, open source, engine that replaces The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind's original one. The engine uses several middle-ware, most notably, OGRE 3D for graphics rendering and Bullet Physics for collision. It compiles on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and has native 32 and 64-bit packages. 
Today  OpenMW announced the release of version 0.19.0, release notes below

Known Issues:
  • Launcher crashes on OS X < 10.8
  • Extreme shaking can occur during exterior cell transitions for some users
  • Implemented sleep/wait
  • Further implementation for alchemy/potions
  • Implemented death
  • Implemented spell creation and spell creation window
  • Implemented travel and travel dialogue
  • Implemented first layer of global map
  • Implemented trainer window
  • Implemented skill increase from skill books
  • Implemented ESM/ESP record saving
  • Fix for Character shaking in 3rd person mode near the origin
  • Implemented gamma correct rendering (does not work without shaders)
  • Fix for fortify attribute effects on the last 3 attributes
  • Fix for NCC flag handling, fixes some collision issues
  • Sort birthsign menu alphabetically
  • Various fixes/cleanup for the launcher
  • Fix for sound listener position updating incorrectly
  • Implemented dynamically generating splash image list
  • Fix for markers interfering with raycasting
  • Fix for crash after picking up items from an NPC
Instructions :
You must legally own and install Morrowind before you can use OpenMW as it is intended – to play Morrowind. OpenMW is a reimplementation of the technical aspects of the game only. It does not come with any “content” – namely the art, game data, and other copyrighted material that you need to play the game as designed by Bethesda Softworks. You have to provide this content yourself by installing Morrowind and then configuring OpenMW to use the existing installation.

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