Primordia - A High Quality Adventure Game from the developers of BlackWell Deception

I think we've had enough of the shoot em ups today, " sit down in front we are doing an Adventure game " and boy do we have a treat for you!. It's Primordia and it's from the developers of the Blackwell Deception adventure series, Gemini Rue and of cause Resonance!. In development of this game they are also partnered with Wormwood Studios If you've not heard of those games then why the hell not?, they are an incredible list of adventure game titles and from a damn fine adventure developer WadjetEye. Anyway enough about that, back to Primordia...

Primordia is about a robot called Horatio Nullbuilt, who values his solitude and independence he also lives an Airship that he likes to Tinker with.  Horatio has a friendly companion called Crispin in which they both like to spar with each other and that's in his spare time, although that's when Haratio isn't deep in his Book of Man.  You might think well that's not of great interest to me but the story kicks off when a rogue robot comes in and steals the power source they need to survive. Thus they both set on an adventure to recover the power source!. This leads them through not only a dazzling city called Metropol, but to learn his origins and what really happened to Mankind who walked the earth long before him.

The game contains an epic storyline, Voiceover work starring fan favorite Logan Cunningham (Bastion) a gorgeous post-apocalyptic landscape, which reminds me of Beneath a steel sky and optional puzzles to learn more about the world around you. Also not forgetting the great soundtrack and adventure work that's been put into this.


Although the game isn't out yet it will be Available December 5, 2012! you can pre-order it on their website for $8.99 digital order

Also it does need backing on steam greenlight to get the game greenlit, so get those votes in!

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