Rainfall: The Sojourn - 2D Action-(J)RPG + Kickstarter

The news keeps on coming today, I can just about eat a snack before something new get's announced but hey ho that's what we love right?. Rainfall : The Sojourn is a 2D action RPG which pretty much takes us back to the days of the SNES JRPGS and damn this one looks a beaut!.

The story goes that Talyssa Lashav a traveling swordswoman with a complex past, left to seek out her old master after suffering a tragedy with no home to return to. On her journey, she discovers a disturbing secret - the world is rapidly changing in seemingly unnatural ways.  But the world around you is changing and not for the better either, Humans are turning into monsters and the animals are evolving into unsettling creatures, even the landscape itself is going strange.  Yet with all this going on, your own people are completely oblivious!

It has a real time combat system whereby you can chain abilities, you can even micro manage a second character. An awesome skill system with progression, each character has unique skills plus A compelling story that will have you controlling different characters throughout the game and witnessing intriguing cut-scenes. You can even have extra npc's that join you on your quests, according to the developers up to 6 players are playable but only 2 in combat, I'm sure that's enough for most!.

You can interact with the environment, tons of places to go and explore with an added bonus of Unique puzzles and brainteasers that fit naturally in the game world. The game certainly looks impressive and Jrpg's were a massive success but they have to be done right and this could be it. Especially as they state in the write up that Rainfall was inspired by games such as Shadow Of The Colossus, the Secret Of Mana series, the Suikoden series, Chrono Cross, and Dark Souls. Come on, that's a winner in anyone's book surely?.

The world itself looks beautiful and fits perfectly with the graphic set of a true jrpg add the fact that the soundtrack is lush and soothing, how could anyone not resist. However before you rush ahead, the game isn't ready and it won't be without your help!. They are now at kickstarter stage, without your pledge... your funding this game will never see the light of day

What are you waiting for?, PLEDGE NOW!

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