Spuds Quest - A puzzle adventure ( Kickstarter Update )

Good afternoon gamers!, today we have a much needed update on the Puzzle Platformer Adventure Spuds Quest designed by Chris D. We have done an article on this game before however with only 3 days to go, the developer seriously needs your help to get the game fully pledged and it's so close to achieve that goal it would be silly to let it fail.

Spuds Quest is a throw back to the days of Dizzy, which involves talking to characters jumping on platforms and solving mini problems to get ahead in the gaming world. Unlike Dizzy in this game you can actually attack enemies by throwing what looks to be a red ball, it also has a day and night cycle with a certain amount of objects in the game world which can be moved, such as huge stones. The graphical art style really suits the game, with some lush colors and well designed characters and landscapes, I especially like the under ground and under water scene shown in the trailer.  For the fans of the Dizzy series this is one game that will sure to give you just that little bit of nostalgia.

In many of the screenshots there is a frog who appears to be following you, this is spuds friend "prince charming". similar to the old fairy tale where the prince is turned into a frog by an evil witch and must be kissed by a princess... this one changes the fairy tale slightly. Instead you must find "find four magical artifacts, all said to be buried deep within ancient temples around the world."


So what are you waiting for head over to the kickstarter page and give this game the success it deserves. As it stands they are at £4,334 pledged of £5,000 goal, with the amount of people reading this website and only 3 days to go, we have to do it!. Come on Gamers UNITE! :)

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