Spuds Quest - Platformer Adventure Puzzler ( REVIEW )

Spuds Quest.

A developer by the name of ChrisD has been creating a game known as "Spuds Quest" it has been in development since 2002 and is around 70% completed, or so the developer states.

In the words of the developer the game "is a platform adventure puzzler inspired by the classic Dizzy games, with some Zelda thrown in" so all those hardcore retro fans are going to love this... hopefully.

As stated the game is a Nod to the classic dizzy and zelda games "back in the day" and will most likely play out in a similar fashion, from the screenshots it appears to be located in a bright tropical environment, as well as an underwater level and even one situated inside a temple. whether there will be other environments when released is uncertain as of this point in time.

In many of the screenshots there is a frog who appears to be following you, this is spuds friend "prince charming". similar to the old fairy tale where the prince is turned into a frog by an evil witch and must be kissed by a princess... this one changes the fairy tale slightly.

No kissing is necessary... if only things could be so simple.
No instead you must find "find four magical artifacts, all said to be buried deep within ancient temples around the world."

About the gameplay:
There is a transition from night to day and various whether effects are in place but all seem to only change the background, no tiles appear to be changed whether that be by colour or by whether effects. when it rains or becomes night the background changes hue, but from what i can see that is the only change.

Spud does have a weapon, a projectile one at that. "he throws apples. This is used to kill enemies, knock switches, destroy certain blocks, etc. Gives me a little more variety in the puzzle department too."

So there will probably be a few levels dedicated to using projectiles to press on with the game.

The game is on kickstarter and is hoping to raise a pledge of £5,000, if you wish to donate you also gain a few "perks" from doing so:

Pledging £1+ will get you a place on their website.

Pledging £5+ will get you a digital copy of the game and a spot in the credits.

Pledging £10+ will get you a digital copy of the game and the OST as well as a place in the credits.

Pledging £25+ along with the above you also get a hard copy of the game.

Pledging £35+ along with the above will get you a hard copy of the OST

Pledging £150+ will get you your own spot inside the game, an NPC dedicated to you and your "likeness" with your name. plus all of the above.

If you feel any of that is worth donating for then go right ahead.
Otherwise the game is expected to be released march 2013.

Want to know more?

have fun gaming!


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    1. thanks for the kind words! i'm hoping to do another one tonight, we shall see.

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