The Last Phoenix - aerial melee combat game

Morning viewers the sun is shining and yet I feel like staying in bed, so it must be a Sunday!. But today we have an interesting looking game that really deserves the name Indie. It's called The Last Phoenix and The Last Phoenix is an aerial melee combat game with an unusual style of Gameplay and graphics.

You take control of a beautiful Bird of fire while attacking other Carrion-birds in a deadly aerial show of combat. As your bird of fire swoops through the open world it restores the world back to life, returning colour and vegetation back to a bleak landscape, this is all in real time. It is also your job to relight the fires by the flames of the phoenix and undo all the decay.

 So what about the combat?, the combat doesn't just rely on the one attack you have multiple ways to bring down an enemy. A Dash attack that turns the phoenix into a flaming spear that pierces through an enemy and stuns nearby bad birds, A Grapple snatches an enemy out of the sky, and once caught, slash them with fierce talons, or throw them at the ground or even nearby enemies. Lastly the best weapon of all, is turning your Phoenix of fire into a firestorm by using the Blaze-Blast which incinerates enemies in a nearby radius.

This is a single player game and made using the Unreal Engine from the developers of Team Eyebeam of Vancouver Film School. The trailer above is showing what has taken 3 months worth of development, by voting the game through Steam Greenlight they will expand the game beyond it's current state, so please vote!.


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