Tiny Barbarian DX - 2D Action Platformer + Kickstarter

Another day another kickstarter and this time it's Tiny Barbarian DX. A 2D Action Platformer game with a Tiny Barbarian, who likes to slice and dice with his sword and ride deadly beasts into battle. The game now has a much improved combat system over the original TB that makes juggling enemies a breeze, they can even be knocked into each other for extra damage. Your character has a number of new moves to attack enemies from within a different direction. The platform basics are pretty simple but so much fun, even the edges of platforms can be grabbed in case you miss a jump.

The story in TB DX is also very fitting for the game, taking us back to the days of Conan The Barbarian and other such Muscle Clad Sword wielding dudes!. Here's a snippet from the developer himself
Tiny Barbarian is made up of individual episodes that, combined, offer a huge amount of content, but individually can be completed in under an hour, while still offering an exciting and complete experience. And we're not asking you to pay individually for a series of episodes. Nope! Buy in once and you'll receive each episode as soon as it is complete!
  • Fight endless hordes of evil (or just misguided) warriors.
  • Wack a gnome until gold comes out.
  • Flee from a giant serpent.
  • Defeat a huge, fire-breathing parrot.
  • Ride a bumblebee.
  • Ascend a wizard's magical tower.
  • Save the most beautiful ladies that can fit into a 16x16 pixel box.
  • Bite a vulture.
  • End the reign of snake-worshiping cultists.
  • Outsmart a puma made of liquid metal.
  • Battle white apes on an airship.
  • Eat chicken you found in the garbage.
  • Countless exploits that defy description!
Don't forget to pledge, we need more of these types of games and the goal is pretty decent too at only $12,000

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