Aero 3D - Learning to fly - Kick Starter

Aero 3D is an open world 3D bird flight game, which teaches the physics principles behind flight. The game is by GameDesk. GameDesk is a non profit organization and they are looking for $100,000 to fund the game, so far their Kick Starter has raised $10,742.

The game teaches the physics behind flight in an accessible way which everyone can enjoy.
So far the game has been confirmed for the Ipad and Kinect, although it does not mention if it is Kinect for the PC, the Xbox 360 or both.

The game will be based in an opened world and there will be several challanges the player can do in this open world. There will also be 5 Tutorial challenges which will teach the physics of  lift, drag, thrust, constant and terminal velocity.

"AERO is a beautiful, open-world 3D bird-flight game that teaches the physics principles behind the power of flight."

Game Desk have already built a prototype of Aero 3D for the ipad, which is a basic demo of the game. It has been downloaded nearly 100,000 times, Game desk is a non profit organization with a passion to transform education and learning through fun. They are based in Los Angelas, California.

If this game interests you, you can find its Kick Starter Page  here.

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