WarZ - Item Spawn (Update)

Another day another headache, I thought I put my cool air blower on this morning, turns out it was actually the heater and the room is as hot and dry as can be. But back onto the game news, it looks as if WarZ is going to have an item spawn update if it hasn't already. Check out the latest below

Johny Truant has made a post on the WarZ forums regarding Item Spawns feedback.

Hey all,

I'm looking for some feedback regarding item spawns.

Specifically, the distribution of food to water, relative weapon spawns (does something spawn too often, or too infrequently?), and the quantity of said items.

Some things I'm aware of:

Hats need rebalancing again
Too many flashlights



Ok guys, i've fixed a number of things.

  • Hat and flashlight spawns DRASTICALLY reduced
  • Water spawns reduced, food spawns balanced
  • Food values adjusted. You will no longer need to eat 6 cans of pasta to fill your hunger bar They've all been tweaked for a bit more realism, play around and find out
  • Water values adjusted. Lets just say electro-aid and energy drinks are more effective now.
  • Double barrel shotgun ammo spawns VERY rarely. Once the gun itself goes live (likely next patch) i'll change this.
  • Ammo spawn frequencies adjusted
  • Sniper rifles are now very rare.
  • Kruger's and kruger ammo are now more common
  • Also, go hunting - I've added in different colored chem lights! 
I like the idea of the Food Value adjustment and especially the VERY rare sniper rifles :)

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