Age of Barbarian - Gorish, Action/Hack'n'slash Game

A rather strange title this one, it's Age of Barbarian. This seems to be a mash up of (retro) Barbarian with other side scrolling action beat em ups.

Even though the game looks rather erotic in nature, we are able to have the game on the site due to it all being covered up in the screenshots, just not the bums. However it does warn of Nudity so be careful, I'd recommend 18+ on this one. This game is very gory not only can you head chop with a massive sword but other parts can be removed as well, including legs and arms.

In this title, you not only have to contend with other humans but there are mighty beasts as well. Some are so damn huge, you wonder if you could ever kill them, but hey, you are a Barbarian!

The entire art style of Age of Barbarian is in 3D including the characters, I wonder if they were created in Maya or other such editor. The animation also looks very slow, so it does come across as a budget looking title. Thankfully there seems to be enough action and hacking and slashing to keep the enjoyment level flowing and short stories in between.  Health can be recovered via herbs, most likely from fallen foes.

For further information, check out the video and see if it's the type of game you would want to play.

The game is out now for €9,90 available via the website

Also what's rather concerning there is no demo available and you need an internet connection to play, usually developers do this because of either piracy or the game isn't very good so they want you to buy it first. Worth a try I suppose!

p.s You can't turn the music off on the website, unless you've found a way because I didn't

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  1. I like this game a lot. Hope they make a sequel!


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