Recruits - Single and Co-Op Cannon Fodder Shooter (DEMO)

Bit of a late one this, but it looks so fun I've just got to post about it right now! I'm sure many of us were disappointed with the game called Cannon Fodder 3, as in no way did it give us the ultimate nostalgia of the original Cannon Fodder series. Well this may well do just that and it's called Recruits.

Recruits is a Single and Co-Op player game where the players take charge of the Army's newest soldiers to fight the war against their deadly Enemies. Recruits will combine fast action shooting with teamwork to bring the brutal reality of war, and an exciting gaming experience, to the player. As you progress through the game your characters will gain ranks and respect amongst their fellow soldiers, giving them bonus abilities, unlocked items and perks to better defeat their enemies.

The main aim for the player is to complete their missions and gain as many kill points as possible. The higher the rank of the player, the more efficient soldier they are, giving the team a better chance of surviving the missions and ultimately the war.

How does this resemble Cannon Fodder?, well as you can see by the trailer below not only is it based in the military way of life, but one mouse button controls the movement, using the targeted cross hair and the other button fires your weapons. Plus ofcause just like in Cannon Fodder your troops gain ranks.

What's more, today a demo was released for you to try before you buy

This demo includes 2 of the missions from the full version alpha. Many features and bug fixes are missing in this demo but it's main purpose is to give people a feel for where the Recruits development is heading and to better make a decision on whether to pre-order the game.

For a current offer price of £3.29 you can't go wrong! So hurry and check out the demo before the offer runs out

Also don't forget to vote the game up on Greenlight if the game interests you

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