Super Bunny Insurrection - 16-bit Comedy Webcomic Platformer‏

Good afternoon readers of Indie Retro News, we've got a cute but funny Platformer to show you and it's titled Super Bunny Insurrection.

This well made Platformer called Super Bunny Insurrection is being designed by Jeff Mumm who wants to give us a Super Nintendo / Sega Genesis era throwback video game, while keeping to the resourcefulness of a more modern PC title. Super Bunny Insurrection contains Fully animated characters using the principles of traditional hand-drawn animation. The Engine used for this game takes hundreds of frames of background elements and seamlessly transitions between them, while you move throughout the environment, to create a completely new sense of 3D graphics. It's all hand drawn and in 16bit, incredible! Just check out the cuteness in the animation below

I mean seriously, "awwwwwwww SO CUTE!" Even my sisters are saying that. Thus I love the design, everything looks and flows so well. I highly respect developers who take the time to put so much work into Platformer animations, however they are styled.

The developer has even put the effort into the health aspects of the game, most games you just get hearts that drop or vanish when you're hurt. But unlike those games, in this one your health bar drops and your Guinea Pig changes in status animation.

The Platforming is not missed out either, Super Bunny Insurrection contains everything you'd want in a Platformer from running, jumping, crawling, sliding, climbing, swinging, flipping, kicking and more, with tons of vehicles and weapons! I can't wait to play as my Guinea Pig with a weapon in hand.

For those worrying about the story, there's nothing to worry about, as this title contains not just a fun story but you can even talk to characters with full voice overs. You choose how the conversations go, and different events will happen as a result. Plus Episodic – content comes out faster as each portion of the game will be distributed as a self-contained “episode. Which means more story and more Platforming fun.

So tell us about the story I hear you scream, well I'll let the developer tell you himself ;)
You're Joe, a guinea pig on a mission. You accidentally blew up Taco Shed, and in the process unleashed its patent-pending anti-gravity invention upon the world – losing track of your friend George in the process. Unbeknownst to you, the explosion of Taco Shed drew out the world of bunnies from underground. As you sought out the whereabouts of your friend, you bounced off the heads of bunnies simply to get where you needed to go. And the bunnies didn't like that. Now they're rallying together, taking the anti-gravity invention as a start and building super-advanced technology to track you down and destroy you. Beware – the Bunny Insurrection is coming!

But what Platform is Super Bunny Insurrection coming out on? Well the developer is going to hopefully release this game on a multitude of platforms even though the PC is Guaranteed. Beyond that, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Xbox Live, OUYA, and more are all goals. It will all come down to how resource intensive the game is for mobile.

So go on, PLEDGE!  It's early days yet but with a $10,000 goal and 38days left to go, I'm damn sure this game is going to be a success. I'm so confident, that I'm going to pledge today.

Kickstarter : Page
Kickstarter Duration: December 7th, 2012 - January 17th, 2013.

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