Crawle - Sandbox Dungeon Crawler

Hello there all you Retro/Indie Gamers, a new game for you to play today and it's called Crawle by Sleepy Studios. A Sandbox Dungeon Crawler, with a focus on realistic survival.

Crawle has a focus on realistic survival using mechanics such as hunger, thirst, diseases and wilderness survival. It's almost life like as you have to create your own tools for skinning animals for meat and fur and using the resources around you to stay alive.  Make sure you manage the resources carefully because if you don't you are more likely to die, especially when not Eating and Drinking. You can even become diseased by eating raw meat, just like us Humans, so make sure you cook it well.

The game is always being updated with new features, as just recently they added farming, so it's almost turning into a Dwarf Fortress style title.

But what about the Dungeon Crawling? Well as you play you may come across holes in the ground depicting Dungeons, but beware these are dangerous places. These dungeons will provide you with supplies and treasure. Though you can't stay for too long! If you end up going mad with low sanity, that will kill you as well let alone the baddies!

Check the game out here

Another addition which was not explained in the list on site is the ability to build houses and other such buildings, which is great if you want to stay safe and keep warm! I can't wait to see how far this game gets in development and what will be achieved.

Full price is anything you want above a minimum of $1

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