Forsaken Fortress - the post-apocalyptic survival RPG Kickstarter Success!

Another Kickstarter Success and so far it's nearly all the ones featured on Indie Retro News.   Forsaken Fortress is a special RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. My sort of game really and for it to be a success, means I'll be able to play it when it's finished and so will you!

They've even updated the page with even more information about the game and what it will contain.  The forsaken world will be open and seamless and driven by a dynamic system. Apparently the terrain itself will not change but everything else on it will, the list below is everything they're going to be putting into the game for us to experience.

  • Animals and beasts move across the world to find food, water and place to rest.
  • NPCs pursuit their goals(Bandits will try to raid anyone they encounter, hunters go after their preys and survivors will try to....survive longer)
  • Resources will deplete and regrow. (If you hunt too many wild animals, their population will decrease)
  • Weather will change(rainy, windy, sunny)
  • Environmental disasters will happen(Earthquake, solar storm and hurricane)
  • You will never know when the enemy is going to attack your base(they maybe camping somewhere near your base and watching you)
  • You will never predict what you will encounter during an expedition, anything could happen(Ambushed by a squad of bandits, overwhelmed by zombies, caught in a lightening storm or beaten by Atomic Squirrels)
What will NPCs do everyday?
Just like real person, they will sleep, eat, hangout...... You can assign jobs to them such as making weapon and cooking.  And their work efficiency depends on their personality and morale. A lazy person will try to skip work as much as possible.
What they do everyday is dynamic. They have different life-styles and their action will be influenced by many factors - personality, physical status, emotion, weather....
As the group leader, you don't need to micro manage NPC's daily life, they will usually take care of themselves. But you need to make sure there are sufficient supplies and facilities to support daily life and make sure your people got what they want.
All in all, we want to make the characters as realistic as possible. We will go in greater detail on this section later.

The kickstarter still has 34hrs left, so if you want to help out with any extra goals, head over to the page and give them some of your money ;)

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