Free Amiga Games - Lots of Amiga games in a neat easy to install HWA package(s)

As it's my last day before the Hospital operation tomorrow, I thought I'd share this big treat with you all, the readers. These are all Amiga games that can be installed and easily run through a neat downloadable HWA package on your PC, very simple to install and simple to run.

There are just enough Amiga games available to spend in an evening of Nostalgia from Platformers to Shoot em ups, from Adventure titles to RPG'S.  All you have to do is download the HWA Package, then the game itself and finally download and install the latest Winuae. Here's the set of instructions below

1) Download the HWA package here
2) Install the HWA Package
4) In the HWA directory, Create a Winuae.Ini file( You must do this to keep this directory seperate from any other Winuae installs you may have )
5) Download any HWA game from here
6) Run the shortcut the HWA game install creates and that's it, done!
Always make sure the Winuae emulator in the HWA folder is the latest, when updating always make a new Winuae.ini. In game Press F12 to set up filters, resolution e.t.c

Have fun, Also John will take over for the news articles at least until I'm back from Hospital later this week. Once I'm back the site will return to normal, remember this site has to be the best place for Indie Retro News

UPDATE - As of this evening I was just informed that HWA has been updated to the latest release of HWA 2.38 with the latest official WinUAE 2.5.0 and WHDload 17.1. (Thanks Aleš Halamíček)

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