Cardhalia - Retro Dungeon Crawler RPG

I can't believe I'm writing an article at 3am in the morning I must be mad! But as it's a Dungeon Crawler I'll let it slide this time ;). Titled Cardhalia, this game was created ten years ago by some 16-18 years old guys, but you may be asking why was it released today, well read on to find out

Back then they had no ambitions to create a fully fledged sold title as such it was basically an experiment how to create a Dungeon Crawler. Thus the graphics are of low quality, but are impressive when considering the age of the developers. The creators of Cardhalia, were asked to create an English version so it can be played by people who dont know the Czech language. Hence this is why we are seeing this game released today as an English game and not ten years ago.

Dungeon Crawlers, work on a grid based system, the arrows turn the character in each segment of the screen. There really isn't much else to go on, as even the forum isn't in english and with no story or information on the website, I'm afraid this short write up will have to do. But as it's free and the developers have basically said not to get your hopes up, it might be worth a quick try. 

Download Cardhalia EN

As a further Update, the developers are working on Cardhalia 2 which they hope will be so much better, including a story, much better graphics and interesting gameplay. See Screenshots below

Will update regarding Cardhalia 2 as the months progress

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