IMPULSE - Wicked looking 8-bit block breaker game for Io's Products

Morning Indie and Retro Gamers, got a nice little game to show you today and it's called IMPULSE. Impulse is an Arkanoid style game, whereby you have a little sliding device at the bottom of the screen which you can control and use to bounce a ball like object at blocks which break and sometimes used to drop goodies. 

Unlike Arkanoid though, this game gives us a GameBoy flavor pallet with it's green like 8bit graphics and if you watch the video further down the page you can also see that the blocks actually move! Most block breakers have stationary blocks that just stay put until you break them in which they fall. To be honest even though this game doesn't have high end graphics, I think they look fantastic and give me the impression of a really fun looking Gameboy style game. But unlike the Gameboy this Indie Retroish game is for all iOS mobile devices.

This little gem of a game will have a tons of levels and extras so for a little 8-bit block breaker it will keep you busy for ages, especially with the challenging difficulty level. Stop complaining at the back, who does easy nowadays! According to the developer the game has emphasis on super-precise Gameplay, which is really needed in a game like this. The slider needs to be precise and the balls need to bounce and flow correctly, I remember playing one such game type on an Amstrad and the slider half the time wouldn't move as well and ended up missing the ball altogether.

The developer seems to have put a lot of love and effort into the game while not taking away the retro feel of this Gameboyish title. So my hat off to you sir, it looks fun and easy to use, I can see this doing really well with the Io's crowd. Here's what the developer says about his game
IMPULSE is as "indie" as a game can get. Yet, I still believe, that a game
is not about its budget, but about the amount of love and quality you are
putting into the presentation and the gameplay. This is my first game I am
going to release.

I believe my game is something special from the combination of the super
retro presentation, the amount of gameplay and the challenging difficulty
level (living the spirit of games like super hexagon, VVVVVV or super
If the screenshots don't pull you in(why not!), check out the video below

Well that's it for this article, I hope you all rush over and at least check it out. I don't have any Io's devices myself, but i'll say this, make a PC version and I'll buy it :)

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UPDATE : 3rd Dec 12:24

Release date is confirmed: DEC 9TH

IMPULSE is set for release in App Stores worldwide on Dec. 9th, 2012. Stay tuned.

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