Predestination - A 4X strategy game has smashed the kickstarter (UPDATE)

I was not at all surprised that Predestination smashed it's kickstarter of $25,000. I had expected this kickstarter pledge title to easily hit it's target and it has with $25,416 and still 20days left to go. It really it does look like as if this will be a fantastic 4x strategy space game, not just that, the developer and the rest of the people behind Predestination are a great bunch of people.

But before we get to that, they've done a number of updates to pull in the pledges and to make us drool like rabid 4x space strategy Fanboys ;). Firstly regarding Planetary Exploration, the video shows the scout system, scanning technology, the auto-scout feature, the colony design grid for a large residential city and a small mining town. You'll also be able to seamlessly move between colonies on one planet. What's more interesting though, than this video shows, the developers claim that when it's released there may will be hidden surprises and events to uncover. I'm getting even more excited about this title!

The next video is regarding Planetary Bombardment, now us Master of Orion 2 fans do love Bombarding planets and killing every survivor on the surface muahaha. But this is what the developer says about the video below
We have some way to go before we hit our minimum funding goal, but I'd like to use this opportunity to reveal our first two stretch goals and show off our new trailer

What's more, here at Indie Retro News not only have we done a full article on Predestination but John our news contributor and Interviewer has done a personal Interview with the lead developer of Predestination Brendan Drain!

So what are you lot waiting for? get over to the kickstarter page and PLEDGE

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