The Mine of Malan Vael - Grimrock Dungeon Crawler RPG (MOD)

Finally a Dungeon Crawler, I do love my Dungeon Crawlers and this one, called The Mine of Malan Vael is a mod for Legend of Grimrock. An EPIC crawler which we did a big article on earlier this year.

In this mod, you Explore the mine of Malan Vael and unravel its sinister secret. But what I really like about this mod is, it has a new tileset. Basically graphics which were not playable in the release of The Legend of Grimrock. As the developer states "The Mine of Malan Vael is a complete Grimrock mod featuring a new tileset made from scratch".

Below is all the information you need to get the mod up and running for Legend of Grimrock

= Installation =

Put the .dat file into your dungeons folder (My Documents\Almost Human\Legend of Grimrock\Dungeons). Start the game and click on 'Custom Dungeon', then select 'The Mine of Malan Vael'.

= Gameplay Information =

This mod is complete and was extensively tested. Of course I can't promise it's 100% bug free, but it should be close (apart from some minor 'known issues', see below). There are 5 levels to explore and the average play time should be somewhere between 2 and 3 hours.

The overall combat difficulty of this mod is quite high and the good, old 'hit and strafe' tactic will often not work. If you thought the original game was challenging you may want to play this on easy difficulty on your first playthrough. I don't recommend playing on hard difficulty on your first playthrough at all. Some important things to keep in mind while playing:

1. Secret areas are important, if you miss too many and play on normal or hard difficulty it will be very hard to survive.

2. Food is not overabundant like in the original game. Don't eat when you don't have to (eg eating a large food item to bring a character from 75% to 100% food level is not a good idea) and don't sleep when you don't have to (if just one character is seriously hurt it may be a good idea to simply use a health potion instead).

3. You will often get ambushed, so don't walk into an unexplored area without preparation. Make sure your characters are on (almost) full health and energy, get healing potions and bombs ready for use. Running away IS an option.

4. Last but not least, save often. I tried to place healing crystals in places where they make sense and help, but you can't have a healing crystal everywhere.

= Known bugs and issues =

- Ballista string doesn't move. This is because I couldn't export the weight painted model correctly. As soon as a stable, fully functional export is possible I will fix this.

- Looping sound effects on level 4 can also be heard on level 5 unless you reload. Generally the looping sound effects tend to behave weird sometimes, this is a bug with the game. The devs already said they may eventually fix this, as soon as there is a fix I will make use of it.


Tileset resource download:

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