WarZ - Big Ban Wave ( Bye Bye hackers! )

Another update on WarZ and my last one for tonight, the developers have just done a huge ban wave on dodgy players. So people expecting to get away with it, were met with a ban. However some are saying it was a 72hr only, which would be madness!!

 Here's what Kewk said on the forums

As you may have noticed people are starting to make some noise about being banned and they are correct. Today we banned ~2000 players for using 3rd party hacks and these bans are 100%. None of the bans have anything to do with exploiting bugs in any way. These guys were banned because the account was caught hacking. Unfortunately if your little brother was the one hacking on your account you are liable for that and the ban will stick.

I ask you please do not post about bans on the forums, this is not the place for it and it is against the forum rules. Coincidentally, failing to abide by the forum rules will also lead to a forum ban.


I myself have also noticed much less in the way of complaints of hackers on the servers and furthermore due to the glitch patch, I saw more survivors in buildings and more in the countryside. Just how many people were actually climbing tree's and glitching before this patch?

Good times so far :)

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