Just Tactics - 1 on 1 Turn Based Strategy

Just Tactics which is described as a turn based, 1v1 online multiplayer, tactical war game, could be just the thing for table top gaming fans. Also with the addition of Fog of War, it gives that added surprise to the game, with plenty of units to keep you busy.

This game involves Squads and Deckbuilding via a "Deployment" (army) which is comprised of three customizable Squads and a customizable Satellite Deck of at least 40 cards. Regarding these cards, I was thinking of calling this game, Might and Magic Combat in a Pokemon World but with big lasers and guns ;). Even though unit v unit is governed by basic stats such as Action Points (AP) and Hit Points (HP).

The developers state that : Non-determinism is achieved via the Satellite Deck/Card system. Controlling "Satellite Uplinks" on the map allows players to draw Cards from their Satellite Decks. How many Cards you are drawing per turn, the Cards your Deck is comprised of, how your Deck compliments the rest of your Deployment, and when and where you play your cards, are really important. Other than choosing which player will take the first turn, the only randomness/luck in the game is the shuffle of the Deck. However, a player could build their entire Deck out of the same Card, which would leave nothing to chance. 

Presently, in Just Tactics there are 26 different Units. 20 of them can be chosen in a Deployment Editor to customize your Squads as you see fit. This certainly looks like an interesting strategy game with some fresh ideas and it's currently in beta for you to try for free. But hurry, as more art assets, features, new units, and new cards get added, the price of the game will rise. But if you purchase now at $9.95, you get all future DLC for free.

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