Lode Runner Classic - Retro Puzzle Platformer (iOS and Android)

We have a treat for you today, it's Lode Runner Classic which combines the classic game play of the award winning Apple II original Lode Runner with graphics and features engineered for today's advanced smartphone platforms.

I remember playing Load Runner on a very old Mac that had a black and white screen, but it was a game I could not put down, until I was told to " GO TO BED NOW ". Basically in the original, if I remember correctly, you had a little guy who had a mining device that could dig holes and the ability to climb ladders.  Sure that doesn't sound that interesting, but imagine being able to dig holes that enemies can fall into, that slowly but surely close up, killing anyone still trapped inside. Yes It can happen to you too!

Not just that, but if an enemy falls in, you can use his head to walk across, but beware they can get back out of that hole, so make sure you time it right. You even use a well dug hole to be able to drop to a platform below. Furthermore the aim in this game is to get as much treasure as possible to complete the level.

The original Mac version

But what makes this retro classic as good as the original or perhaps better? Well add in 150 levels, being able to zoom in, World Wide leaderboards, different coloured worlds and even the ability to design your own, WOW!!!!

This is a classic retro game given the remastered treatment, a game close to my heart that will once again be playable in my hands, but with a future look, TAKE MY MONEY NOW :)


I think I'll give them a push to make a PC HD remastered version.

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