Dizzy - Night at the Museum v1.02 : Retro Platformer

Dizzy is back in another great Fan Platform Adventure. It's time for, Dizzy - Night at the Museum, which is a throw back to the eggy days of the Amstrad and Amiga era. The only difference, a new story, cool platforming puzzles and updated graphics.

The story goes that It has been many years since Dizzy by the spirit of adventure and heroism managed with cunning and skill to defeat the evil wizard Zaks and throw the ring into hell, hoping to put an end to evil.  But the magician Theodore did not have time to warn Dizzy not to throw it, since the ring with the soul Sachs is impossible to destroy. He should've hidden it and protected the Spells held within. 

Rokvart, all this time has been spent trying to find the ring, hoping to find spell Sachs. Since digging a huge mine he come across the ring. But the careless use of a ring, to free the soul Sachs, and the first that made Sachs, sent Dizzy far into the future, that he could no longer stop him from creating their machinations

 - Not sure if that makes any sense but that is as the developer describes it from an English translation ;)

The game play involves collecting items and moving to other locations where the item is required; for example, you may need a pickaxe to smash a boulder which is some screens away.  Just like the originals Dizzy isn't invulnerable, be careful what you touch as one wrong move and you're dead!

2 game modes - classic view and scrolling. Scrolling is enabled by default.
To switch to classic mode go to OPTIONS -> SCROLLING ON/OFF.



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