Time Surfer - physics-based slingshot gameplay : (iOS)

An unusual gameplay genre, but with the high quality art style that I expect of the developer Kumobius, it's Time Surfer. This iOS designed title, mashes up two very different game ideas to make something new. Apparently mixing Tiny Wing’s simple physics-based slingshot gameplay and Braid’s mind-bending time reversal. Which comes to a result of a twitch-based, time-rewinding, amped-up ride across the fabric of time and space. Something that certainly suits the iOS and any other handheld devices!


The story goes that you play as the last surfer traveling through the galaxy, haunted by an inevitable, destructive force: the end of universe itself. (Is it just me or am I getting a Silver Surfer vibe here). However unlike that movie, the surfer’s defense is, he can cheat death by rewinding time.

Rewind time to fix your mistakes and perfect your surfing – use your rewind power to cheat death, surf the perfect curve, or thread a path through obstacles and enemies – just don’t let it run out!

Stomp on aliens and asteroids, avoid spikes and pits – the fabric of time and space is a dangerous place. Stomp on enemies to get speed boosts and steer clear of the deadly spikes and pits to avoid an untimely demise.

Heaps of Special Surfers to unlock – including a police box, a time-travelling car, the monkey king on a cloud and even a cameo from Emilio from Bean’s Quest.

Unlock pets to help your chances – Unlock cute pets with special abilities. These little friends will join your surf and give you crazy, new abilities!

80’s pop-culture on full display – psychedelic visuals backed up by a pumping chiptune soundtrack and numerous references to 80’s icons.

Hell Zone mode – turns the difficulty up to 11 with a spike-infested hellscape. For those who really love a challenge.
A little bit about the developer of this title, Kumobius are a Melbourne-based indie studio made up of two brothers – James and Tom Greenaway—and Ivan Neeson. Their first project was the critically acclaimed Bean’s Quest, which appeared on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, PC, Mac and Linux.

Here at Indie Retro News, we recently did an article on Bean's Quest and to be honest, I'm really looking forward to playing that Platformer on my PC. Another note which I previously mentioned, is the art style. Now I know a lot of developers/artists have their own type of art designs, but the character designs especially in Kumobius's games are that of TV quality. I wonder if they ever considered doing their own anime ;)

Time Surfer is available to buy for all iOS devices at only £0.69!


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