Alien Breed - Sci-Fi Retro Shooter (Android) & Remakes

Remember that awesome 1991 alien shooter on the Amiga? You know, Alien Breed, well it's back for a remake on your Android device! Alien Breed was a classic and many people know of this game, as it was the first in the Alien Breed series of science fiction shooter video games played with a top-down view, for one or two players. Although it was released in 1991 on the Amiga another version came out in 1993 for MS-DOS.
 Amiga Version

Android, iOS Version

Even though it strikes a similarity with the Alien films it contains many elements of other titles, which some claim to be close to Laser Squad, Paradroid and possibly Gauntlet. The goal of this game, is to kill the Alien's, find the lift to the next level occasionally setting the self destruct sequence to blow up the level above them. This game was so popular that since then we've had a good number of versions, ranging from the classic to the latest ALIEN BREED TRILOGY and yes even this Android version.

Alien Breed Trilogy

Alien Breed Game Versions

Alien Breed - Amiga, Dos
Alien Breed : Special Edition - Amiga
Alien Breed II : The Horror Continues - Amiga
Alien Breed : Tower Assault - Amiga, CD32, DOS
Alien Breed 3D - Amiga, CD32
Alien Breed 3D II : The Killing Grounds - Amiga
Alien Breed : Obliteration - PC
Alien Breed : Evo Episode 1 - PS3, PC, Xbox 360
Alien Breed 2 : Assault - PS3,PC, Xbox 360
Alien Breed 3 : Descent - PS3, PC, Xbox 360
Alien Breed Trilogy - PS3, PC, Xbox 360
Alien Breed + Tower Assault - PC
Alien Breed - iOS, Android

The Android version is currently for sale at £2.99

  • Classic Mode – Play using the original graphics, music and controls. 
  • Enhanced Mode – Featuring enhanced graphics, audio and controls. 
  • 4 New Levels – entirely new levels that intersect with the original Alien Breed story 
  • 6 original Alien Breed levels 
  • 12 Alien Breed Special Edition levels 
  • Gree leaderboards and awards
  • Gametel support

If you wish to try the trilogy or the iOS version, then check out the team17 website

A fan based freeware remake was also released by Flashjesterpunk, although I haven't played it, it's supposed to be very close to the original.


For those that prefer the originals, you can now play the original Amiga versions with brand new filters, using an inbuilt emulator. Thanks to the guys of The Company, every Amiga release has been put into one pack that works in a single exe for your PC. Download, run the file and that's it, pressing F12 in game can be used for setting up extra settings. Virus Clean, may not work on Windows 8

Compilation Alien Breed 8in1 : Alien Breed, Alien Breed II: The Horror Continues, Alien Breed: Tower Assault, Alien Breed 3D, Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds, Alien Breed Special Edition '92


Have fun and relive those Alien Breed days!

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