[Kickstarter] Mage's Initiation - Adventure/RPG title

The success of Kickstarter has allowed the rather forlorn and obscure PC adventure genre to have somewhat of a Renaissance of late. This may be due to the rather low production costs involved to create a title and perhaps a reason we're seeing a spurt of successful projects in the genre.

Hoping to become another such title is 'Mage's Initiation' by Himalaya Studios, with the legacy of titles such as Quest for Glory and the King's Quest series, its modest target of $65,000 has already passed the halfway mark in a mere 24 hours.

The game itself promises to recreate the similar style and feel to previous adventure titles the company has worked on and is touted as being somewhat of a spiritual successor the 'Quest for Glory' series.

A promise that has perked my interest is a complete full length (non-episodic) storyline. While the small-content-downloadable approach can have its perks (quicker release and cheaper price), it generally works out more costly overall and can be somewhat of a tease when you burn through a title in the first sitting.

The adventure/RPG hybrid is also interesting to say the least. With a combat system, alongside the usual puzzles and storyline progression, this suggests the developers are aware of the limitations of the adventure genre and hopefully means some advancement still currently nostalgic, but gameplay-limited second 'golden era of 2D adventure titles'.

The cartoony 'hi-res' artwork for Mage's Initiation looks interesting to say the least and is complete with fully animated character movement and cut-scenes: the Kickstarter pledge indicates a fully voiced cast so this is shaping up to be a nicely polished title by the looks of it.

If interested in this project, head on over to the Kickstarter page for more info and maybe even place a pledge. For a rather modest $5000 you can become an elemental NPC in the game itself. Go on... I'll take all four pledges.

  • Inspired by Sierra On-Line’s "Quest for Glory" series
  • Hi-res, Point & Click Adventure / RPG (up to 1280 x 960)
  • 4 character classes with unique quests provide multiple replay value.
  • Choice of Interface. Play with a Sierra Icon Bar or LucasArts Verb Coin.
  • Full-length, self-contained (non-episodic) story.
  • An original stats system, integrating game score with XP. No grinding!
  • A unique set of spells for each Mage class.
  • Equip an array of mystical gems to enhance your spell-casting.
  • Lay waste to a horde of monsters in an open-field battle system.
  • Loot drops of various worth, ranging from common to extremely rare.
  • Buy scrolls to identify unknown items. Sell and trade them for profit!
  • 30+ dialog portraits - fully voiced and lip-synced.
  • Over 80 beautifully illustrated screens by John Paul Selwood (Hero-U).
  • A magical musical soundtrack by Brandon Blume (King's Quest 3 Redux)
  • Decision points that will resonate across (already planned) sequels! 

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  1. this is kinda a good rpg game..



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