Dungeons and Dragons, Knights and Dragons the endless quest (Epic Beat em up)

D&D,  Knights and Dragons the endless quest, is a game made on the OpenBOR game engine. D&D, Knights and Dragons as you may have guessed is a 2D side scrolling game, It is both an RPG and a beat em up game which offers much to do, it is for the PC and the Play Station portable. The game is by Pier wolf.

The game features a character class system so you can play it as one of the many different character types on offer, and an expansive map, which allows you to choose which ever missions you would like, as you level up.

Other than bein an RPG its a beat em up game which plays in a similar way to Golden axe. Although it is like Golden Axe, it has a more robust fighting system which allows you to use Special moves, all of the characters have their own special moves. There is also the ability to block enemy attacks and if you get knocked down, a recover system so you can get back up quickly to rejoin the fight.

The game also offers 3 different modes of play. Endless quest mode which allows you to play with all the characters available from the start. Or put yourself to the test with the new arcade quests, where you start from level 20 at the beginning and face all the quests without a break in classic arcade battles which will leave you breathless.

Up to 4 players can play together.( on the net or LAN?)
The games creator has promised that there will be plenty of Treasure, monsters and dragons.

You can get the game here

Article by John P Martin

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