Might and Magic X - Legacy : Pax Gameplay!

In mid March we teased you with Might and Magic X - Legacy via Ubisoft's announcement, and here comes the first cam video from Pax. This looks like it could be a great Dungeon Crawler RPG, going back to what made Might and Magic great, and not towards Messiah! However going by the video, I'm a little concerned that he didn't stray from the path as if that was the only way to go, we shall see. There are also feedback posts coming back from Pax to tell us a bit more about the game itself.

Jaesum played the demo at PAX  and talked to the lead dev. Heres the info he garnered:

  • Plays more like the pre-mandate of heaven games with a grid style movement system instead of free roam.
  • there are 12 classes (didn't tell me what they were) and then "advanced" classes for each of them. I suppose this is like the system in 6-7-8 where you do a quest to promote from a Knight to a Champion or whatever.
  • there will be 23 dungeons.
  • aiming for september release
  • there is no training. When you level up you just get your skill points then and there.
  • You still will level your skills and have to train to expert, master, and grand master. Expert and master you just go find the trainer and pay gold when you have the necessary skill points, and for grandmaster there will be a quest.
  • It will be totally non-linear after the initial area where it teaches you how to play. Kind of like 7, where you were confined to the island until you completed the first quest.
  • In the demo you never had more than 2-3 monsters at a time. I asked if this is representative of the whole game, and he said "it depends on the level. Sometimes you will be surrounded, sometimes it is just a few more powerful enemies." Was kind of vague.
  • The movement is like Grimrock, but Grimrock was still a real time game. This is turn based 100% of the time, which imo makes the combat much more interesting.
  • There is a skill bar, but its not like WoW or other MMOs where you have special attacks... the abilities that were on the skill bar were just melee attack, ranged attack, defend (idk what this did, never used it), and then you can put spells and potions on there too.
  • I looked but didn't see any "self" magics in the skill trees of the characters I had, but I didn't pay attention to what classes I had in my party. its possible I just didn't have a character who could learn them.
  • No blasters / sci-fi elements.
  • There will be hirelings. You can have two in your party at once. They don't fight with you, just provide your party with a bonus. For a price of course.
Due for release this year 2013 :)


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