NAVE - video game arcade machine

Now this is seriously awesome, two guys in Argentina have designed and built a wicked shoot em up arcade machine, straight from scratch. The video pulled me right in and made me feel as if I was that arcade gamer, smashing away at the buttons for a high score, just like my golden retro days. But what is this game they are playing? It's NAVE! A shoot em up that will turn your piddly little ship into a massive beast of a mother ship the longer you survive.

The game itself is simplistic in design however it doesn't really need anything special graphical wise, as long as it's a good shoot em up. The art style is of low-res black and white pixels but that helps the design process, as more time can be spent away from colour additions.

According to the developers the game itself was also an experiment!
About the game play, we chose to base it on a classic genre not to start a game design from scratch, but with an eye on experimentation: We wanted to see what would happen when you grow and grow your ship (till filling the whole screen with it) and also wanted to give the player the chance to control the difficulty/pace of the game, by adding the "Turbo" feature to advance faster to higher levels.
The down side, is the game is only available via the arcade it's meant to be played on, and according to them, it's having it's own rockstar tour. However check out the design process, I want this arcade machine in my house NOW!


Nave Arcade Website

Official Facebook

Maybe at some point they will tour the UK or USA ;) 

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