Rhythm Destruction - Rythm Shoot em up

How about a type of game that mixes some kick ass tunes and beats with some damn fine shoot em up game play? Well then, check out Rhythm Destruction by Curious Panda Games.  Inspired by classic shooters of the past and infused with addictive rhythm gampeplay, this could well kick serious space ass. Prepare yourself for waves of enemies, through 10 stages of progressive difficulty, featuring plenty of boss fights and deadly projectiles.

But that's not all, you can build up impressive combo's with an increasing score, while tapping along to the hard rhythmic music, all the while taking down plenty of enemy foes. Further featuring leaderboard support, over 80 achievements, challenge mode and of cause the all too easy casual mode for beginners.

The game is now available for $5 from their website(rhythmdestruction.com) and
through Desura.

This beat shoot em up game is also on Steam Greenlight, which needs your votes

Right I'm signing off, time to turn the subwoofer up and destroy those ships!

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