zX HyperBlast, some reckless fun (Shoot Em Up)

ZX HyperBlast is a game by RetroFuture. The game is about piloting a small, but formidable ship, through swarms of foul monstrosities and cybernetic juggernauts, while carving a path of destruction through the games 66 fun Cavernous levels. Your ship has a dual type hybrid gun system so you're flexible enough to deal with your foes in a number of different ways. You can also deflect your enemies fire with a powerful twin blade attack to turn your enemies fire back on them, leaving you in the advantageous position to further advance through the enemies deadly ranks and put a stop to them once and for all.

If that is not enough, while deflecting enemy fire, your twin blade attack simultaneously fuels a powerful hyper gun on your ship which can deal devastating damage if you strategically use it, or you are stuck in a tough spot, it can make a difference. The way the game has being designed encourages and rewards reckless dare devil styled play. I really wish more action games did this.

Going by the demo and videos this is an intense and satisfying game which should fulfill your need for an arcade shooter for a nice amount of time. You can get the games demo here and vote for it on steam green light here if you like it. You should definitely give zX HyperBlast a try if your up for a fun challenge.

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