A.N.N.E - Platformer Shoot Em Up hybrid (Kickstarter)

What if you could have a high quality Platformer that has a Cave Story and Metroidvania feel, but mixed with Shoot Em Up elements? Well with A.N.N.E that's exactly what you will get! This is a Platformer and Shoot Em Up hybrid that also has a touch of RPG, a game that looks to be very well made and has plenty to do. Developed by gamesbymo, you play as Number 25 in the exploration of planet "Gomi" in the search for his missing girlfriend A.N.N.E. You'll be able to travel on foot through the many platforming levels, exploring new areas and ofcause killing bad guys. But that's not all, with a ship at your disposal, it turns into a Shoot Em Up, with the ability to carry Large Objects and further explore the world of Gomi that by foot could not be reached.

As we mentioned it does have a touch of RPG, so where does the RPG come into A.N.N.E? Well, throughout the game you can Level up! By Collecting energy crystals from fallen enemies this acts as both XP and game currency. You can even combine weapons with elemental energy in order to create different weapons. As the developer states : Ice rifle or Fire shotgun? It's up to you. Purchase, equip and upgrade special abilities like a bullet shield, shockwave attack and more! Customize your ship with new parts.


If you want this game to succeed then head over to the kickstarter page and pledge, it's only $70,000 which I feel is pretty decent for the work gone into A.N.N.E. It's also on Steam Greenlight awaiting your votes!

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