Rex Rocket - 2D Platformer of 8-bit Retro goodness! (Kickstarter)

If you have a certain passion for great 8-bit games, and wanting more, then this could well fill that void. This is Rex Rocket, a 2D Platformer that pays tribute to the greats of Mega Man and Metroid. Featuring retro graphics of a high standard with over 100 hand created levels, and pixelated art, this will I'm sure, be a popular title. The game itself takes place in a rather large expansive starship that is filled to the brim of puzzles, enemies, hazards and the best of bosses. You'll also be pleased to know that your character has some damn fine weaponry to hand, so watch out all you bad guys, Rex Rocket is here!

Set in Earth's distant future, Rex Rocket references the classic story of Man vs. Machine. You play as Captain Rex Rocket, a former war hero who now spends his days transporting scientists around to the far reaches of the universe in his epic Star Cruiser, the S.S. Montana. The game begins on Earth with Rex and crew on a routine mission for the Council of Science - to transplant bio-engineered Terra-Oozlings to an uninhabited planet in the far away solar system of Washington. While the ship's crew are in cryo-sleep, all heck breaks loose when Terra-Oozings escape their tanks and cause the ship's main computer, LAUREN (Logic Analysis User Reactive Entity Network), to go insane. It's up to Rex Rocket to stop the computer, rescue his crew, and save the day!


  • Classic 2D gameplay
    • Fast, responsive combat
    • Upgradable Jet pack
    • Teleporting
    • Dashing
    • Wall Jumps
    • Regular Jumping! (DUHHH)
  • Guns, Guns, Guns!
    • UP7A Standard Issue Blaster
    • Tri-Bolt Laser Gun
    • Rail-Gun
    • Electro-5000
    • Magnum Missile Launcher
    • Auto-Laser
    • and more...
  • Grenades
    • Remote Detonator
    • Mini-Nova
    • Sticky
    • EMP
    • Concussive
  • Tons of hand-crafted levels
  • Enemies, Hazards, and Bosses
  • Interesting and challenging puzzles
  • Epic plotline and lovable characters
  • Secret areas and collectables 
The developers Robert Maher and Tyler with his staff buddies really need your help to make this game a success! So to do that, you'll need to push the kickstarter to it's goal of $6,000 and vote Rex Rocket up on Steam Greenlight. What are you waiting for?


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