Endless Space - Wings of Freedom for Neo Geo X (Shoot em up)

I was shocked this morning to find that Amplitude Studios, creators of Endless Space,  and published by Iceberg Interactive are developing a Shoot Em Up for the Neo Geo X. This is a spin off title, keeping to the feel of the original game, and it's called Endless Space - Wings of Freedom. Though to be honest it is April 1st, April fools day and I didn't even trust this release, I even had to see for myself what the Neo Geo X was. So take the information either way, but if it's real, fantastic! So what's the game about?

This will be a 1-2 player old school 2d arcade action game, with waves and waves of enemy ships, and the odd large boss to go against. Enjoy plenty of laser beam blasting action with a retro feel. Endless Space - Wings of Freedom will also have 4 different ships to fly, each with their own weapons and play styles. This really adds to the Shoot Em Up scale as many of the best genres of this type have multiple ships. You'll also be able to enjoy different game modes, with Arcade, Boss, Endless Survival and 2 Player Versus! The developers have even added in Level, Skill and Power-Up systems inspired by RPG's, Sweet :)

Science has always believed that at any galactic core sits a black hole of tremendous size and density. Following a trail of Endless ruins, based on map fragments found on a lunar temple, a Pilgrim exploration group  is about to discover that this may not be the case... Hopping from planet to planet and system to system, the fleet must fight off increasingly large and powerful waves of automated defenders bent on preventing them from unveiling the truth.
Challenges and questions await the player as they drive toward the core: What secrets are the Endless hiding? What treasures – or horrors – lie in wait? How long can my thumbs keep this up?
Certainly looking like an impressive Shoot Em Up and if it's real, it may very well mean I may look into buying a Neo Geo X and of cause this game!

Damn you April Fools day, everything to be taken with a pinch of salt!

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