Retro Arcade Adventure Remade - Arcade hack and slash

Another unusual game that is about to arrive this Thursday for Xbox 360 and later PC is Retro Arcade Adventure Remade from developers Siactro. This being an Arcade hack and slash style game, with plenty of enemies to fight in a top down view, although it does have two mini games. You'll also be fighting huge mini bosses, especially those that loom over the horizon towards you! But even these come with a twist, like slashing back projectiles. The character would also look pretty decent in an nes style Zelda game, with his sword and the use of potions.

What makes this game unusual is the ability to change into a large giant or a dragon, while still slaying enemies in that same top down view. The retro graphics are pretty decent and stick to the style of the 90's 16bit era and even contains music reminiscent of early SNES or Sega games! A game of interest for sure and do make sure you pick up those power ups, they really could give you an edge in battle.

The Demo, next week will of be free. The full version will be about $1.
There is an Alpha Demo still available 

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