Flowstorm - arcade racing and aerial combat game with a kickstarter

Another game that needs your pledges via Kickstarter is Flowstorm by developers Neat Corporation and it's also on Steam Greenlight, however that was an earlier version. But what is Flowstorm you may wonder, basically Flowstorm unlike the other multi directional shoot em ups we mention, this time is an arcade racing and aerial combat game. It also uses the same type of control method as Thrust which is a pretty old game, however unlike those, you need to use the world around you to gather momentum to complete the game. This is a pretty awesome looking game with a really neat touch to the gameplay genre.

It may sound strange but in Flowstorm the control method works really well, this is done by the underside of your rocket which when touches the edges can slide about. But be careful, if you hit the edges on your front or at the wrong angle you will blow up into pieces.

The basic idea of the game is to use the edges of the game world, while also using your rocket to power you and give you momentum to slide from one part to another. It seems completely crazy in explanation but this is how the game is played and the object is to get to the end of the map. I've seen older trailers of this game with players so desperate to finish that once they reach the end, they power themselves so hard that the rocket smashes just into the finish area without actually touching down! Yes you can also use your weapon against other enemies/objects in the game world but remember it's a racing game. In addition, the game features a great level editor. Don't forget to vote for this to be on steam via greenlight!

The kickstarter is set to a modest  $50,000 goal, so if you're interested in this neat game style then make sure to pledge!

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